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At Fight For Small, we believe in helping small business owners manage their time in a digital media world. Between your day-to-day it can be hard to find time to focus on web design, social media strategy, Google Adwords, and social media optimization. Let Fight For Small help you plan a full-circle marketing strategy that will refresh your online presence and educate you on how to be a successful small business in a digital world.

Marketing is about making an impression…
Let’s make it a good one.

Web Development

Web Design, Web Hosting, Support, Training


Print Design, Digital Design

Social Marketing

Social Growth, Social Content Strategies, Social Media Optimization


Logo Design, Brand Audits, Competitor Analysis


Local Listings, Keyword Research, SEO Tips and Tricks

Content Writing

Content Writing, Blogging, Ad Copy

Marketing Strategy

Content + Growth Strategies

Pay Per Click

Google Adwords, Search and Display Advertising

Choose your goal and get started today!

Starting at $199 mo., each package is designed for a specific business in mind. Not sure which one is right for you? Let Fight For Small steer you in the right direction or customize a page to fit your small business marketing needs.

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The latest news + resources:

App or Website? 5 Questions Small Businesses Should Ask.

The word “app” is far from new in the digital world today. Short for “application,” apps came largely into play when users turned to mobile devices over their desktop computers. But do small businesses need an app or a website? And what is the difference between the two? Before we dive in, let’s quickly define … more »

Branding an Event: A Look at the 2016 AWS Summit

In the world of tech and design, we’re constantly reiterating how important it is to look at branding as so much more than a logo, color palette and website. Never has this been more apparent than at the Amazon Web Services (AWS) 2016 Summit  our team attended this week in Chicago.   An Entry (and … more »

Talking Tech With Your Web Guy or Gal

Having been in the business for quite a few years, I know there are very few things people like to do less than talking tech with their web guy.  Maybe going to the dentist.  People feel intimidated or uncomfortable talking with people that are perceived experts in an area that they, themselves, may not have … more »

“Who gave that girl a mic?” On WYRZ FM 98.9 | The Radio Edition

We apologize for disrupting your normal broadcast to bring you this important update from Brooke Heffernan. We will be coming to you live (at 7pm) from 98.9 WYRZ. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Hendricks County Radio Host, Rob Kendall to discuss Fight For Small.  Fight For Small will be the very last … more »