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What are we fighting for?

An increase in online representation for Indiana small businesses and to refurbish the way small businesses connect with the world and market their products and services.

Currently, only 53 % of locally owned businesses in Indiana have a website to promote their brand, company mission, products and services, as well as engage with existing and prospective consumers. While we have a shortage of websites throughout the small business sector, online engagement continues to skyrocket, with 87% of web users consistently sifting through the web in search of products and services.

Why should you care?

Small business has been the backbone of this nation since its inception. In addition to promoting local growth and market sustainability, small businesses support the economic ecosystem by accounting for 75% of the job market.

Need more reasons?

  • Small business are responsible for 65% of job growth during the past 17 years
  • Small business have added more than 8 million new jobs since 1990, while big firms have decreased employment by 4 millions jobs.
  • While big businesses continue to downsize, small businesses have remained headstrong throughout the past decade
  • Small businesses make up 99.7 percent of U.S. employer firms.
  • For every dollar that is spent at a locally-owned business, 3.5 times that amount is given directly to the local community.

What are we doing about it?

Simple. We’re providing small businesses with the tools they need to thrive in a tech-savvy era. We are supplying small businesses with quality websites that artfully state their mission statement, services, products, showcase their work, allow them to engage with clients, and promote their brand. All at an affordable price.


Free Classes

Whether you’re looking for help with your website, social
media or email marketing we have a class for that!

Learn with other Indiana small business owners:


Responsive Websites

The number of visitors accessing your site from a tablet or mobile device is growing everyday. Does your site look great on every device?

Check out the responsive websites we’ve built for local companies.



5 Internet Marketing Trends for 2015

Interested in the top internet marketing trends taking place this year?

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